"Please tell Jasen that one of our employees just came into my office and told me that she used the info she learned in his class to save her baby girl last night!  The baby just recently started crawling, and she apparently found some little piece of flexible plastic and stuck it in her mouth.  Jessica saw that her baby was bright red and was having trouble breathing, so she immediately thought of the CPR class.  She couldn’t see anything in her baby’s mouth so she flipped her over on her arm and started doing back blows.  The plastic piece came out! 
Hooray for Jasen’s amazing training and Jessica’s quick thinking.  What could have been a horrible outcome was averted. 

Thank you!!!"

"Thank you Lindsay and Jasen! As usual the training was absolutely perfect for our needs. We love Jasen, he's an awesome trainer!

Ms. Kay"

"A huge thank you to JasEn!  Lots of great feedback regarding CPR training this morning.  We all took away great information!"

  • Community CPR & AED
    This general course teaches infant, child and adult CPR as well as rescue breathing and choking. Also discusses the #1 and #3 killers heart disease and strokes as well as instruction on proper use of the AED. This course includes a digital reference book, qualification card and mannequin use. Two year certification through the American Safety and Health Institute and American Trauma Event Management, nationally recognized. The re-qualification course is available to those individuals who have cards that have not expired.
  • ​Basic Life Support (formerly CPR for the Professional Rescuer / Health Care Provider & AED)
    This course offers infant, child and adult CPR with the addition of a two-person CPR and mouth to mask training. Also discusses the #1 and #3 killers heart disease and strokes as well as instruction on proper use of the AED. A written exam is required with this course. Two year certification through the American Safety and Health Institute, nationally recognized. The re-qualification course is available to those individuals who have cards that have not expired.
  • First Aid
    This course teaches the basics required for first aid. The First Aid course meets OSHA guidelines, industry and construction. Two year certification through the American Safety and Health Institute and American Trauma Event Management, nationally recognized.
  • ​​Universal Precautions / Blood Borne Pathogens / Standard Precautions
    This informative course stresses the importance of care and safely when dealing with blood due the the potential contagious diseases. Covers how to protect yourself, how to catch and what to do. One year certification through the Colorado Department of Early Childhood. OSHA compliant course.
  • Blended Course
    Complete the lecture portion of any our CPR, First Aid or BLS courses online at your pace and then follow up with a skill check with an instructor to complete your certification. Inquire for details.

All our courses are offered in ENGLISH & SPANISH 


"Two weeks ago, we had a #### supervisor that had a heart attack and died on the job. He was recently trained in CPR. I asked him to send some of his crew members to be trained. He refused and he came to the class. Well, no one in his group knew CPR. A custodian who had never been trained followed the instructions on the AED. It did what it was suppose to do. However, he died. CPR may not have saved him until the paramedics arrived, but we will never know.

Everyone wants to be trained now.

Again, thank you for all that you do. The employees at ### love how you teach and make them feel comfortable."

"Hi Lindsay - As always another Super job! thanks so much. Sheila"

Hi Lindsay,
Jose was awesome and everyone learned more than they have in previous classes.
I would highly recommend him to future ####### classes.
Thank you!!!!

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